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    Nature is our passion and inspiration.
    We live by it and for it we offer wood from the heart of nature
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    we make the wood speak
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    the smell of wood is the smell of royalty
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    Furniture will fill a Space full of Memories and a Heart full of Love

Our Message

Our mission as a Prime Wood team is to prioritize the value we provide to our customers over the product. Providing the product with high quality at a competitive price.

Our Vision and Mission

We at Prime Wood aim to provide high-quality natural wood to construction companies and furniture manufacturers, with a focus on innovation and sustainability. We strive to build long-term partnerships and enhance quality and creativity in the construction and furniture industries by carefully sourcing environmentally sustainable imported wood, while adhering to social responsibility.

True Partnership

Prime Wood Company is considered an extension of the HENES SONS Wood Trading Company, one of the largest wood companies in Egypt with more than 40 years of experience.PRIME WOOD is a leading company in the field of wood, supplying it to major construction companies and furniture factories, and supplying its customers in the Egyptian market with their wood needs.

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